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US Experts in Tenter Chains and Spare Parts
for European Textile Finishing Machines

ZVC Trading, Ltd. Are U.S. Representatives for Interspare GmbH

Interspare GmbH took over all rights, patents, licenses and technical documentation, including the spare part warehouse from the brands Artos, Babcock, BTM, Famatex, Krantz, and Stentex as a perfect compliment to the existing spare part business.

On March 10, 2010, ZVC Trading, Ltd. was incorporated and Zelda VonCannon as Owner/President of the Company has 20 years experience as sales coordinator and knowledge of spare parts for European tenter frames. On the staff of ZVC Trading, Ltd. is a technical expert with over 30 years experience of chains and spare parts for Tenter Frames. READ MORE

NEW MACHINES: In addition to the spare parts we have the Krantz Syncro shrink dryer, dye padder, and infrared pre-dryer. We can also provide new Krantz Syncro shrink dryer, dye padder, infrared pre-dryer. We also manufacture new tenter brand Artos mainly for wovens and Krantz tenters mainly for knits. To read more about our New Finishing Lines, please click HERE.